How To Advertise Your Business Cheaply Or For Free

How To Advertise Your Business Cheaply Or For Free
Advertising and marketing your company doesn’t come cheap, and it is especially hard for small and new businesses to finance an advertising or marketing campaign that will catch their audience’s attention, that will count, and that will produce the kind of results they need to increase sales and become known in their industry when they have to deal with the costs of their office rent, utilities and other start-up costs.

However, there are a number of cheap and some completely free ways to get the advertising ball rolling, and we are going to take a look at three of those valuable ways in this article:

Advertise Your Business Cheaply

Social Media Platforms

The first stop for any new or small business should be social media platforms. There are a number of social media platforms your business can sign up to for free, from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter to LinkedIn, and each of them plays a vital part in advertising your business, products and brand to consumers and your target audience. However, there is a need to put a lot of thought and time into what social media platforms fit your business – as not every industry will suit an Instagram account, for example – but they may find that their business and its products or services would highly benefit from a Twitter and Facebook account instead. A rough guide to help you figure out what kind of social media platforms you should opt to use, would be to think about your business’s needs.

Invest in Business Cards

Business cards are an important tool that will help you get your name out there. They do not have to be top of the range and fancy – if you do not have the cash flow available yet – instead they can be plain and simple with your company’s name, your name, your email address and a phone number so that people can get in touch with you if they want to. Carry a stack of your business cards around with you everywhere you go, as you never know who you might bump into. Take them to meetings, conferences, and seminars, and hand them out to whomever you think might need or want your products or services. It is also ideal to print a number of flyers. You can leave these at your local shopping centre and post office, for example, or anywhere you feel potential customers may frequent, see them and pick one up.

Include a Blog on your Website

If you don’t have a website already, you can set one up using a number of free and easy-to-use content management systems. On your website you should have a blog, and it should be a top priority for you and your employees to create content and contribute to it regularly. Blog posts increase your chance of being noticed on the web, as well as helps you with Search Engine Optimization. Creating original and high-quality content will give your audience and potential customers something to read and interact with, as well as give you the chance to share any advice, tips and expertise you have about your field, services or products. What’s more, you can add social media buttons to your posts that will link to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, as well as make it easier for those interested to share your posts and spread the word to other people.

Using the above three methods to advertise and market your business will help you begin your long journey to success while saving you some much-needed cash flow until you feel you are stable enough to pay for bigger advertising and marketing options.
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Five Festivals Held In Morocco

Five Festivals Held In Morocco
Combine your beach holiday to Morocco with a cultural experience you’ll never forget by attending one of the countries festivals!

Morocco hosts a number of exciting festivals throughout each year that celebrate everything from the beautiful roses they grow in KelaatM’Gouna to the deliciously sticky dates grown in Erfoud, and everything in between.

In this article we take a look at five exciting festivals that you can encounter while visiting one of the most vibrant and diverse countries in Africa and what you can look forward to experiencing while you’re there.

Five Festivals Held In Morocco

The Rose Festival, KelaatM’Gouna

The Rose Festival takes place each year in the last half of May for three days in a small village called KelaatM’Gouna – also affectionately known as the Valley of the Roses, of course – and is located in the Dades Valley. The village is home to Morocco’s largest rose water distillery plant that produces litres and litres of rose water, which is popular in Morocco’s cooking and perfumery. The festival takes place at the same time as the rose crops of the season and people – both locals and travellers alike – take to the village to celebrate with music, dancing and shopping.

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, Fes

Another annual festival, the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music is a 10-day celebrations held in late May or early June in Fes, and is a spiritual festival where whirling dervishes from Iran, as well as dancers and mystics can be seen from around the world. Throughout this festival, visitors have the chance to experience artists from Muslim, Christian, Jewish and other faiths perform, giving them insight into traditional life in the city and from around the globe, while indulging in mint tea and Moroccan cuisine, as well as enjoying Sufi chanting.

Marrakech Popular Arts Festival, Marrakech

This spectacular festival includes the likes of folk singers, dancers, fortune-tellers, acting troupes, snake charmers, and much more, coming together from across Morocco, Europe and Asia, as well as Ukraine, Poland, China and Spain, to take part in this grand, annual event. Inside the ruins of the Badi Palace and the Djemma el Fna is where the main event takes place, with the likes of Fantasia (an astonishing horse-riding show) taking place outside the city walls in the evening. This festival is one of the most popular attractions in Marrakech, enlightening, entertaining and wowing visitors and viewers from across the globe.

Moulay-AbdellahMoussem, El Jadida

One of the biggest festivals that takes places in Morocco, Moulay-Abdallah Moussem is held in El Jadida and is of religious significance as it pays homage to the sacrifices of both historical leaders - who gave their lives for Islam - and to the soldiers - who sacrificed their lives and won freedom for their country. Thousands of horses and horse riders, falconry hunters, folk troupes, musicians and artists take part in the festival’s events with visitors staying in tents in camps throughout the several days the festival is held.

Erfoud Date Festival, Erfoud

Dedicated to the sticky and delicious fruit, the Erfoud Date Festival takes place over three days in October and is hosted by Berber tents housing dancing, delicious food and music, as well as a dromedary camel race which is an amazing experience and treat for visitors who are watching. The festival is a mixture of symbolism, sacred rites and entertainment. On the first day of the festival prayers are said in the morning, which are followed by a fashion show of traditional costumes. On the last night, the festival comes to a close with traditional music and spiritual songs.

Visiting Morocco during one of these festivals will allow you to immerse yourself in Morocco’s fascinating an enjoyable celebrations and will overall contribute greatly to your trip.
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Content Writers in Bangalore – Find them on

Content Writers in Bangalore – Find them on
If you are looking for quality content writers in Bangalore, contentment is an ideal place for meeting all your needs. Focus of this India's largest online content portal is to benefit both content writers and clients by meeting their needs in mutually satisfying manner. The portal is owned by a creative Webmedia based in Gurgaon and is open to all the writers and clients across the globe. What really makes this online portal different from other content services is the fact that it is exclusively catering to the content and its related forms. This implies that whether you are looking for a copywriter, technical writer, blogger, SEO content specialist, or website content writer, you will get access thousands of quality writers in almost each of these categories on the portal.

It is really amazing to notice that for the first time in India such online content market has been established courtesy to Contentmart. If you are a writer and visiting Contentmart, you will find clients across the disciplines looking for quality content writers. Similarly, if you are a client looking to hire quality freelance writers, you will find here number of content writers having expertise in the different domains and discipline. So without any iota of distraction, this online web portal is catering to the demands of both clients and writers. It is a perfectly balancing the reciprocity solely concentrated on the supply and demand of content.

Right from the inception, many key people have contributed this online portal to make it user friendly in its operations and processes. Initially the focus of the portal was on exploring the various areas and domains to expand its scope. Further efforts were also put in for the betterment of the services and improving customer-client relationships. And now, based upon the feedback of clients and writers, Contentmart has now worn improved look and user-friendly interface for easy and smooth implementation of the various operations involved in the operations. Now given the fact that field of content writing is experiencing high growth, Contentmart can really play a crucial role in taking the fortunes of this industry to all new height.

Looks of the portal is very neat and tidy. Navigating through the various options is an absolute breeze for both clients and writers. Company claims that it has left no stone unturned to make Contentmart a best place for meeting all the needs pertaining to the content. As a one stop content solution, this website provides surety and complete peace of mind. Within short period of time, this web portal has made a special place and struck a chord with the customers. Therefore, it comes as a little surprise that both clients and writers trust Contentmart spontaneously for all jobs related to content creation and execution.
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Top 5 Reasons Why Automating Your Expense Management Is Crucial To Your Business

Top 5 Reasons Why Automating Your Expense Management Is Crucial To Your Business
Though many leading organizations have moved towards automating their expense management software, there is still a co-operation that continues to manage their expenses and claims via paper a spreadsheets based system developed in house. Organizations to this often continue to feel trapped in the system that they have been using from a longer period of time along with the various factors like being worried about the cost of change, whether this is cost of a new software, the cost of implementation project, or the cost of deploying resources managing their projects. Given below are the top 10 reasons of why using automation could improve your expense management system.

Automating Your Expense Management Is Crucial to business

Expense and Move

Mobile applications have become so advanced that you can take care of travel and expense solutions on your smart phones or say the mobile devices. This enables the employees to create and submit their expenses at a great ease and without any delay when they are on road, including the photography reports and attaching them in order to claim. Mobile applications give the managers the ability to approve the claims from their smartphones so that the claims could be approved on the move making the company more efficient as individuals are doing a business not expenses.

Managing the risks efficiently

Managing the risks by the keeping the business up to date and fit for a specific purpose can be a challenging process, especially when using a cloud based solution risk with a provider rather than the customer. Customers here would need to manage their risks of regulatory compliance by using a solution that would provide them with an accurate data, allowing the businesses to integrate their company policy giving them the insights enabling quickly and easily on the travel and expense data mitigating the risks of operating outside the frameworks.

Supporting a Business Strategy

Managing your travel and expense processes using an automated solution is considered to be a strategic solution for most of the cooperation. The advantage of using a cloud based system is that it is never essential to predict the future of your business as these are solutions that are easy to scale both up and down. New features, and the changes in the regulatory environment or even business expansion to the other regions could be easily managed and taken care when they arise.

Staying flexible and Scalable with your Cloud based systems

Saas or cloud based systems are generally considered to be easily managed and are at a low risks. With these kinds of solution there has been minimal implementation projects costs that could be recovered quickly and easily through the savings being made, and having more visibility and greater control over the travel and expense spend. Cloud based solutions here would mean that there is little or no implementation infrastructure that could be implemented. The software provider would manage system maintenance, the functionality updates, and the updates from the changes to regulations thus removing the risks from the customer.

Minimizing the fraud

Accuracy of data is a major key to an efficient system. An integrated and well automated system would completely remove the need of manually entering the expense claim data decreasing the risks of fraud. Automated solutions would here need to ensure that the fair and consistent rules could be applied across the company, ensuring that the employees do not have the opportunity of entering the incorrect data and out of policy claims.

To conclude whether you are looking for a cost saving, time consuming or a compliance risk reduction having an integrated cloud based travel system and expense managements system can help. Cost savings could be achieved through supplier negotiations based on the real time data from the solution.
Throughout her career as a freelance blogger, Melissa Patterson has written many blog posts that have helped many organizations in handling their travel expenses. She has laid emphasis on using expense management software solutions for expediting the decision making process for all the organization. She is currently writing blog posts on Expenzing’s procurement management software solutions as a freelancer.
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How To Choose The Home Loan Lender?

How To Choose The Home Loan Lender?
For any kind of people owning a home is the important factor in their life. So to buy a dream home in the recent times requires the huge amount to construct a new home. Most of the users can afraid to construct a new home for that budget.

But nowadays home loans are available in many ways and moreover, now lot of private and government lenders are presented in the market using these people can make their dream home, but they will put some concentration for getting such home loans, then only you can pay the correct amount in the future.

Most of the users are like to get the loan for their purpose but they will not concentrate on their repayment things. In that way they will pay any additional charges based on their interest rates put in the highest manner.

How to Choose the Home loan Lender?


After the user can apply loan the lender can approve your loan process and then only your loan amount to be credited to your account. And the user can check such credentials from the lender, it is extremely not to be followed by the users in recent days. So after crediting home loans users must check the correct authorization and to approach them to clarify your doubts.

Consolidate debt is the main thing to be seen in such process, but some of the lenders are not producing the loan amount in bulk of way, for that they will give the partial amount after that checking process to be finished after they will give the remaining amount. Before doing any kind of financial things must to know the things presented in it and then only you can get clear information about for your repayment process. [Also Read: How To Avail Home Mortgage Loans At Less Interest Rate]

Home loan process in quick and easy way

In the current market condition most of the lenders are presented based on that they will give many offers for getting the home loans. So the users can get this loan without any problem but they will need to check the information based on the loan process with the help of financial experts then only you can pay the right amount in the repayment process.

Now most of the lenders are there, but the users can select the lender based on low interest rates. Those lenders also collect the amount by putting some additional charges. In the current trends most of the user can concentrate on the initial things, but they don’t see the future problems. [Efficient Business Loan Rates That Suits Your Needs]

To clarify terms and Conditions

Some of the uneducated people are signing the document papers without any knowledge based on that they will pay extra charges. The home loans are long term process in that they interest rates are too high, based on that the users must to read the document papers carefully then only you can know the things in that paper.

If the user can know the things of their non repayment times the lender can take the corresponding actions based on your acceptance in the initial stages. [How To Consider Critical Illness with the Help of Mortgage Life Insurance]
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What CMS Users Need Before Their Competition Grabs It

What CMS Users Need Before Their Competition Grabs It
CMSs, or content management systems, are out there, but it’s important to know how they can make a difference to your website’s performance and engagement capabilities. Fundamentally, a CMS helps you to organize, update, and access your web material, but does it also let you access the latest tools to make the job easier? It is important because your competitor agencies can produce the same work in shorter turnarounds with those tools. Other important questions are whether your website is always accessible across devices and whether you can upgrade your CMS to implement a newly developed strategy.

Here is how the latest platforms going beyond the well-known benefits of using a CMS.

CMS Users Need Before Their Competition Grabs It

Content archived and distributed with automation

A CMS works with a well-defined content management process. It is extremely easy to access work done earlier and ensure that all content is in their right places. Distribution of content at the right time is vital. You need a quick way to pick the right content for maximum engagement when you have a target set by the management. Based on a set of customized rules, your content can be easily categorized by its end goal when you use SaaS-type CMS platform.

Assigning tasks and managing work

If you own a large website and employ a number of editors and writers continuously publishing a lot of content, it is easy to appreciate what a CMS can do. How you keep content organized means the difference between a good content manager and a bad one. The latest CMS platforms allow you to keep your business plans flexible as well. When the activities of all teams need a little tweaking, it can be done in an organized. Now you can assign tasks and supervise easily even when the situation at work is what you normally call “chaotic”.

Upgrade and update a website easier

You can create, manage, improve, and update websites with a CMS. Adding a functionality or a new page is easy and it can be done without the expertise of a web programmer. Some system providers are offering additional support and service to ensure that your new design does not lead to downtimes. It is important to test website performance once upgrades and updates are made. That is why you will find many platforms integrated with support tools. Access during modifications can be an issue sometimes, and that is why the latest industry measures are to keep web pages accessible all the time.

Find more marketing tools in digital media

CMS platforms are scalable and can be integrated with emerging tools in digital marketing. Social-media and demographic data can be used for better understanding of targets and the latest in website analytics can become a part of your business just by investing in a CMS platform. It leads to the right marketing mix and strategies that can maximize brand exposure.

These four benefits mentioned here are not all that you can get. The difference between a static, underachieving website and a flexible one that meets the prospects’ needs is the technology behind them. A good CMS will help convert prospects to retainable customers and popularize your brand.

Many companies believe they can do all of that without a content management system (CMS). What they miss is easy scalability, faster distribution, SEO optimization, and lower maintenance costs if not more. Without a CMS, work slows down and deadlines keep looking formidable, forcing teams to deprioritize features such as mobility, performance, and engagement. For such companies, the biggest challenge is designing competitive web material while keeping pace with continuously evolving technologies.

Preethi Vagadia is currently a Senior Business architect with the Service operations practice at a well-known IT Industry in Bangalore. She has worked in several process improvement projects involving multi-national teams for global customers. She has over 8 years of experience in mortgage technology and has successfully executed several projects in logistics management, logistics integration, reverse logistics, content management system software, warranty software and programmatic solutions.
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Burst The Myths Related With Car Donation New York City And Donate Freely

Burst The Myths Related With Car Donation New York City And Donate Freely
It is hard to find people who will not be willing to donate to a good cause. Anyone who hears that a nyc car donation can help thousands of children in need get the basic necessities of life or they can go to the school, get education and grow up to be responsible adults will be very much eager to come forward and donate to the cause.

But, at times many of us think more than once whether to go forward with the decision or not. This is because of some common myths or misconception about car donation New York City that goes around. People listen to this myths and step backwards. The golden opportunity to do away with the junk car in the garage and giving you a pocket and heart ache lingers around without you being able to do anything. That is actually very hard.

So, the best thing is to know the truth so that you do not miss out on the chance of supporting a noble act and also earning a great tax deduction for yourself. Yes, that is true. When you donate car in nyc, to a non-profit organization, then you are eligible to claim a tax deduction on your donated vehicle.

The Myths Related With Car Donation New York

What Are The Myths That Needs To Be Confronted?

There are a few common myths that need to be burst so that there is no impediment in donating the car.

It Is Good To Sell The Car Than To Donate It

More than a myth, it is a belief and that took a very strong one. There will be many who would like to still make a profit out of an old clunker. In simple words, they would prefer to sell it rather than donating it. This is because most of the vehicle owners are unaware of the benefits of donating. It is true that a car donation New York City is not going to earn you cash. But, it will earn you tax deductions on the donated vehicle. Yes. For all cars donated to a 501 (c) [3] classified organization, the vehicle donor is eligible to claim tax deduction. This is not going to happen if you are just selling the car away. Moreover, selling would require you to get your car in proper shape in case it needs repairs, that has to be done as well. This means extra money spent. But when you are donating, you just give the car away as it is. No repairs needed.

Organizations Only Accept Vehicles That Work

This would have been an important clause only if the car was donated directly to a needy family that could use it. But that is not the case. Most of the IRS recognized organizations accepting car donation will either auction the car off or sell the parts to use the proceedings in funding many service programs for the underprivileged children. That is why it does nit matter to them whether the car is in working condition or not or how old it is.

The Vehicle Can Be Donated To Any Organization

It is true that you can donate your vehicle to any organization you feel like. But, be aware of the fraudulent scams. You do not know what is in store for you just by hearing about the organization. You need to do some research and find out about the organization’s authenticity and claims. Moreover, all organizations will not give you the tax deduction that is being promised. Only the organizations that are recognized by the IRS, will give you the right to claim the deduction and also provide you with all the proper papers for documentation.

Charitable Organizations Only Accept Cars Or Trucks For Donation

As part of the car donation program that the non-profitable organizations runs for supporting the numerous service programs for underprivileged children, the most common donation that they accept is of cars and trucks. But that is not entirely true. These organizations also accept donations that include boats, RVs, travel trailers, fleet vehicles and real estate. You can always get things clarified from the representatives before giving up your car for donation.

Can The Car Owner Decide The Amount For Tax Deduction

That is not going to happen. You cannot decide the amount of tax deduction but you should have some idea about the Fair Market Value of the car. That is taken into account for deciding the tax deductible. Also, if the vehicle is auctioned at a higher price than the FMV, then that is taken into consideration. Above a certain amount, the charity organization where you donate a car nyc will provide you with all the proper papers required for documenting the donation.

These are just a few myths that one can get to hear. The best thing is not to lend an ear to them, find the details and then donate the car to a cause that counts.

There will be many myths and misconceptions related to car donation New York City. If you are a car owner and wish to donate your car to a good cause, then do not think about the myths. Know the truth and then go for car donation New York City.

Author Bio Richard Bradford apart from being a great writer has raised a voice and supported many social causes. His recent blog talks about the common myths that are associated with car donation New York City and which needs to be questioned.
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